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Paul Clark - Clark Photographic

Paul Clark - Clark Photographic

Paul Clark is a Derbyshire based photographer with a background in promotions, marketing and management. Paul has always worked within a creative environment. From the age of 15 he fell in love with the snow. From yearly winter holidays to back to back seasons, this winter sports addiction is why he is where he is today. After selling up in the UK, his travelling aspirations took him to the beautiful South Island of New Zealand where he lived for 5 years (it's actually hard to take a bad photo in NZ).  Also spending time in South Lake Tahoe in Northern California, Australia's East coast haven Byron Bay and a remote Fijian island, it was this journey that inspired his love for photography. It kick started a path of exploration, a venture into the wilderness and a willingness to learn and create. 

His devoted passion for taking photos has now evolved into a growing professional career without forgetting the reason the fell in love with photography in the first place - Landscape and Fine Art Photography. Being based in Derbyshire in the UK allows regular visits to the Peak District which we can all agree is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

If you're interested in getting in touch regarding any aspects of his photography work then please get in touch through the contact page here.